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Broxen: Welcome to my site. This is sort of my sandbox for testing features used in my other wikis.


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11 Jan 2010 07:01

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11 Jan 2010 06:54

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Yeah, seems this is by design.. But I feel like it's misleading to offer the discuss button at...
(by broxen 13 Jan 2010 06:15, posts: 6)
its done that way by design. (rightly or wrongly ?) If you use the comments module it will take...
(by Phil Chett 11 Jan 2010 10:15, posts: 6)
it is - but you should really discuss this issue on the community forum...
(by Helmut_pdorf 11 Jan 2010 08:43, posts: 6)
Yes you are probably correct. However, I do not know where the bug tracker wiki is. Can you...
(by broxen 11 Jan 2010 07:49, posts: 6)
Sorry, but the discussion - if this is a bug or not - we shiould better move to the bug-tracker...
(by Helmut_pdorf 11 Jan 2010 07:36, posts: 6)
This is a comment made with the per-page discussions feature. The link to this page from the...
(by broxen 11 Jan 2010 07:02, posts: 6)

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